Dedicated to the Infamous Institution that was
High Trees School, Horsehills, Near Horley, Surrey, England

This site is for anyone who remembers High Trees School, Horsehills, Near Horley, Surrey, England which sadly closed in the Summer of 1984. Whether you were a pupil, member of staff or a parent or indeed had any connection at all! I'm sure there are many stories you could relate of those long gone days?

Long before the days of the internet site Friends Reunited, we started building a catalogue of people who had links with the school. This was to enable us to easily arrange reunions, find old friends and generally reminisce! Now Friends Reunited have done such a good job of making this globally accessible and also made it free to use! we have asked everyone to put their details on this site instead, I've left the original individual posts on here though. Please add your details at:

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I heard of the sad deaths of John Norsworthy in December 1997 and Pat Spokes in August 2001. On a personal note I will miss my dear friend and teacher John Newmark who recently passed away, visits to John in Eastbourne were always a delight as that wry sense of humour and constant stream of great stories were always a treat over tea and the odd cake (or two!) We have also lost a good and much admired friend in Jonathan Atkinson, who will be greatly missed by all of us who were lucky enough to know him. It has been suggested that I ought to create a memorium page, but I might just add the dates and any thoughts from anyone to the individual contributions page. Anyway let me know what you think.


Individual Contributions

This is where all the stories and photo's are kept of people who had been in contact up to about 1999. Looking for an old friend or favourite teacher or want to find out what happened to Seamus the Goat? Maybe their details are on this page, but please check friends reunited for the full list...

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Guided Tours of High Trees

Fancy seeing High Trees as it was in 1996 or taking a trip back in time to the old school? Easy, just choose one of the round doors below.

Tour the school in 1996 Tour the school
as it was

Photo's of the Whole School

This section will contain photo's of the whole school assembled together. Only one at present, click below to see the class of 1982!

> See the class of 1982

School Reunions

The last organised school reunion was in 1994. Click below to see some of the pictures.

> See the 1994 reunion pictures


If you have any High Trees pictures kicking about then I would be glad to add them to this site, you can email them to me.


John Newmark has written two books:

To the Zoo in a Plastic Box by John and George Newmark, published by Random House circa 1963. This can be sourced usually through or any good Internet book reseller. It's a very amusing and entertaining read whether mini-beasts are your thing or not! Snakes released on Golf Courses and Praying Mantises escaping on aeroplanes spring to mind.

2 by 2 to London Zoo, initially published on the Internet with a request for a small donation to the WWF. I am trying to trace a copy to publish on this site.


High Trees School
The History of a School near Horley, Surrey from 1922 to 1984
by Horley Local History Society
> More information & download

> History of the School
Important dates in the schools history.

> Visit Lost Property
Did you lose something while at High Trees?

> Inspect the Monolith Daybook
The history of the web site

> High Trees Public Records
There are many school diaries available for public viewing at the County Records Office.


When we first started and internet costs weren't so cheap, we had many donations to keep the site running and pay for postage, so many thanks to the following people!!

Martin Buss, Mark Greenfield, Jeremy Hart, John Newmark, Jo Silcock, Amanda Skeel, Nikki Carey (Whitehead)